What new moms can expect after their first child

What new moms can expect after their first child

What new moms can expect after their first child

You have been day dreaming about your baby for months and asking yourself a series of questions on what to expect after your baby arrives, but chances are that if this is your first child then you have little or no idea of taking care of a newborn. In this article, we're providing you with a soft cushion to be cut out for the task.

The first key to this is to Breastfeed your newborn:

You need to have your newborn with you rather than stay in the hospital nursery, and tell the nurses not to attempt to give him/her anything from a bottle.

Secondly, let your guests wait:

Obviously, family and friends want to visit you as soon as possible, but you stall them a bit so that you and your partner can spend some time alone with your baby. This is because, a newborn is usually alert and receptive immediately after birth. However, it's the perfect time to bond, so you and your partner can look him/her in the eyes and talk to the newborn. Don't forget that your baby knows your voice from being in your body and may find it soothing.

Thirdly, always feed your milk supply:

Ensure to drink at least seven to eight glasses of liquids or preferably water a day. Now it depends on your age, your body metabolism level, and bear in mind that your calorie needs will likely be between 2,200 to 2,400 daily.

Fourthly, Know your Formula Facts:

It is no news that some women cannot breastfeed, and need to supplement with formula occasionally. Be sure to ask your pediatrician if he/she recommends a formula with added nutrients such as; iron, docosahexaenoic acid or other nutrients and your choice of powder, liquid basically anchors on issues of cost and convenience.

The fifth key is, the care for the Newborn:

Always wash your baby's face daily with a mild baby soap. Some babies have a yellowish discharge in the eye or on the lid, you must wipe this area using only a cotton wool moistened with warm water. In a situation, whereby your baby's narrow nasal passages tend to fill with mucus, gently cleanse the nostrils with an infant-sized nasal bulb syringe.

Your baby's nails usually are soft, but can scratch his/her delicate skin. You can make use of a baby nail clipper. Clip nails after a bath when the nails are soft and when fingers are relaxed. Some babies tend to develop red, itchy patches called eczema on their skin, limit your baby's bath time to 10 minutes and make use of a mild, fragrance-free soap as well as lukewarm water. Ensure you see your doctor. The umbilical cord is sensitive, so you must keep the umbilical cord clean and dry, it will shrink and fall off within a few weeks after birth. Note that you should avoid covering the cord area with a diaper.

The sixth key is that, you have to sleep close to your baby:

For a newborn, being close to his/her mother helps regulates the heart rate, the immune system and stress levels and even makes breastfeeding much easier. It also helps in keeping the baby in a lighter phase of sleep and if you're a strong believer in the family bed, safety is paramount. Ensure to always check your baby’s temperature.

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