Top 10 Gender Reveal Ideas

Top 10 gender reveal ideas

Top 10 gender reveal Ideas

In case you want to have a gender reveal party, or just an interesting way to let your family and friends know that you'll be having a baby boy or girl - here is a list of top 10 gender revealing ideas to help you make the big announcement in a unique way.

1. The Decoration of Your Bump:

Assuming you are planning on having a party, just call out everyone to gather together and lift up your shirt. You can have your bump decorated with a ribbon in a bow style, or even with some body paint. Supposing that you are a shy person, you can have a pink gift bow and a blue gift bow sitting on a table. Now let your husband attach the right color of bow on your shirt right over your belly. And if you won't be having a party, take pictures of your decorated bump and send them to your grandparents-to-be.

2. The Envelope Fashion:

Granted that you can handle the excitement, then have your ultrasound technician or write your baby’s gender on a piece of paper and have it sealed in an envelope. Then open the envelope in front of your guests, or let an honored guest open it to announce what you are expecting.

3. The Wrap It Up Style:

Purchase an outfit and wrap it up. You can preferentially unwrap the box in front of your guests, or have your grandparent-to-be do it for you. In a situation where you won't be having a party, you can cut a piece of pink paper into the shape of a T-shirt and send it off as a mail to whom you want to announce the gender.

4. The Explosive Style:

Get a balloon for every person present at your gender reveal party. Before you have them blown up, put some pink or blue explosive inside each balloon. Hand a balloon to all your guest and a pin. Count to three and have everyone pop their balloon. The explosive will scatter and everyone will get to know if it’s a baby boy or a girl.

5. The Balloon Launch:

There are two easy ways to have a balloon launch. All you need to do is to hold a pink balloon, and your spouse will hold a blue balloon, then have your guests count down from 10 like a rocket launch is about to happen - whoever is holding the odd color of balloon lets go when they get to “blast off.”

Another balloon launch idea for you, is to put several pink or blue balloons in a box. When you open the box the balloons, automatically the balloons will come out flying, revealing whether you are having a boy or girl.

6. The Colored Cake:

What is a party without cake? By adding a pink or blue coloring to a white cake mix, you have designed an interesting way to reveal your baby’s gender. Ensure you get enough frosting so that no cake can be seen.

If you are having more than one baby, ensure to have one colored layer for each baby and don't forget you could also make one cake for each baby.

7. The X Mark Spot

You're required to fill a decorated box with something pink or blue like; candies or anything fun. Then draw up a map and have your family and guests find the treasure chest. If you are willing to boost the adventure, you can have it buried while the search begins.

8. Pin a Tie on the Ultrasound

Go to a store that makes enlargements. Then have the ultrasound picture blown up and place it on the wall. Cut-out a pink bow tie and a blue bow tie and put a small loop of scotch tape at the back. When it's time to reveal the gender to your family and friends, you can stick the pink bow tie on baby’s head, or the blue bow tie at baby’s neck. If you won't be organizing a party, make a few copies of the ultrasound and put the proper decoration on it before mailing it to your family and friends.

9. The Older Sibling Revealing

In a situation where you already have a child, buy or make a shirt that says, “I’m Having a Baby Brother/Sister and have your kid keep their jacket zipped until it’s time for the reveal. This is an exciting way to surprise grandparents who aren’t expecting to find out right then. Then see how long it takes them to notice what the shirt says and... wait for the big reaction.

10. The Piñata Method

This is an interesting plan if there are going to be older kids around. A piñata is a decorated figure of an animal containing toys and sweets that is suspended from a height and broken open by blindfolded children as part of a celebration. All you need to do is fill up the piñata beforehand with pink or blue candies, when the piñata is finally broken open, your baby’s gender will be revealed. In a situation, whereby you don’t want to do all pink or all blue candies, you can put in favorite candies with a pink or blue baby doll. Whoever grabs the doll gets to announce the gender.

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