Parenting tips and tricks

Parenting tips and tricks

Parenting tips and tricks

Truth be told, we all know parenting is hard. These tips and tricks will ease you through the rough patches. Even the most organized parents need help keeping their little kids in check sometimes.

1. Ensure you keep the kids from locking themselves up in the bathroom and keeping a door unlocked by using an elastic loop.

2. You can get your teenager to clean his/her room. You could use a clever way to go about this.

3. Make use of a clean pacifier for your infants to protect them from germs.

4. You could invest in a baby car mirror, this will help you both to see your baby on long drives and entertains him or her as well.

5. A baby monitor app while on vacation wouldn't be a bad idea, after all.

6. It is interesting when some of our kids, try to wear their footwear wrongly - to get them put their shoes on the correct feet, cut a sticker in half and place it on the insides of their shoes.

7. Make plaster removals less painful. Now put a paste of baking soda and water on the plaster, leave for a few minutes, then the baking soda will push the plaster out gently saving your child an unnecessarily painful removal.

8. Ensure to keep your child’s clothes clean for good hygiene purpose.

9. Are your kids finding is difficult to write well? With a chunk of wipes placed behind their last two fingers this trick will help them keep the right form of writing.

10. Don't let them convert your kitchen and bedroom walls to canvas, instead use a pizza box as a giant-sized canvas for them.

11. How many tricks do you know about a toothpaste? You can use toothpaste to clean a permanent marker off your wooden furniture.

12. During potty training, try a cartoon underwear. The sight of their favorite character will help them think twice.

13. Make bedtime interesting for your child, by making use of funny and special bedding - especially with their favorite cartoon character or their aspiration.

14. Ensure to always keep the toys tidy after play.

15. You should take your baby to the doctor if you notice any form of discomfort and health related issues.

16. Do you need to wean your baby off a pacifier? Then cut away a small piece of the nipple side each time your child uses it. Eventually, your baby won’t like the feeling and soon there won’t be anything left to suck and he/she will give it up.

17. Ensure you get a good infant diner placement, that has a built-in catch compartment for messy eaters.

18. Do you know you can use bulletin board to stay organized when you have more than one kid?

19. Use an inflatable pool as a safe area for play that will keep your baby busy for hours.

20. In areas where you experience mosquitoes, ensure you provide a well-treated net for them.

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