7 Awesome Gender Reveal Ideas!

Whether it is your very first baby or your fourth, the moment you ultimately discover whether you're having a boy or a girl is exciting.

If you are coming up with a gender reveal party for a close friend, we are right here to assist. If you happen to be interested in throwing one however aren't certain exactly where to start, here are some ideas.

1.) Themes

Some moms and dads come up with a entertaining theme for their reveal celebration, such as pregnancy cravings (think pickles, ice cream, and potato chips) or ducks (hang up a "waddle it be" banner). However, some others allow their friends to decide.

You can additionally allow for holidays to guide the theme. For instance, "Our close friend experienced her gender reveal in December, and everyone wore either a pink or blue Santa pin," says one mom.

Another mother says, "With my last one, we found it all out at the end of March, immediately before Easter. We passed out Easter eggs and counted back from 10. Everybody opened their egg to find a blue peep inside."

2.) Paint

Here’s a fun way to announce your reveal on social media. When you know your baby's sex, get pink or blue paint & an all-white t-shirt. Spread paint on your partner's hands to make handprints.

Take a picture with your partner standing behind you, arms circling you and hands resting on the sides of your belly. Then immediately take another photo in the exact same position, but with your partner's hands raised to reveal pink or blue handprints on your stomach. Posted side by side, the photos make an awesome reveal on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Some creative couples take the paint theme even further, and use water guns filled with pink or blue paint to have a free-for-all reveal in the yard. Expendable clothes, and good attitudes are a must. Those who can't be there for the party can watch the fun live on Facebook, Instagram, and Skype.

3.) Balloons

Utilizing balloons in a box is an exciting route to reveal the news. Fill the box with blue or pink balloons if you already know the baby's gender, or have somebody else do it if you and your partner if you desire to be surprised alongside all of your friends.

For instance,

"We had the physician write down the gender, and my mother brought the envelope to the grocery store and requested the clerk to fill a big box with either pink or blue balloons," says a mom. "We opened the box right in front of our close friends and loved ones - and blue balloons flew out!"

The easiest way to go about this is to request a clerk at a party supply retailer to fill a black balloon with either pink or blue confetti. All it normally takes at the gender reveal party is a pin. Bam!

4.) Team Reveal

Make all those guests commit! You can ask everybody to assert a guess by means of sporting either blue or pink. You can additionally offer gender-specific accessories, like pink and blue necklaces, pins, leis, or non-permanent tattoos. Be creative with it!

You can even set up ballot bins and have your visitors vote via dropping a token in a blue or pink box.

5.) Outfits

One great way for expecting mothers and fathers to reveal their baby's gender is to unwrap a baby outfit in front of party guests.

"We had the ultrasound technician write the gender on a slip of paper, and then we went to a store and picked out a boy and girl outfit," says Sarah. "We handed the outfits and the envelope to the cashier, and she boxed the correct outfit for us."

We can help you find the perfect baby outfit! Call us (769) 390-7485

6.) Food

Being creative with party food can be an easy way to make your party extra festive – just don't forget the food dye.

Cake, cupcakes, etc.. with pink or blue filling are very popular. You can pre-order them from a bakery, or even find a recipe and make your own. Also, you can buy cake mix to bake a cake with colored candies inside.

7.) Silly string

Spraying pink or blue silly string (covered with brown paper to conceal the label) is a fun and entertaining way to let younger members of the household know whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. Parents can know the baby’s sex ahead of time or be surprised along with guests during the silly string fight.

“For this baby, we did a silly string gender reveal at a park with a small group of family and friends. It was like a playdate for my son and his cousins with a silly string fight at the end. Small, fun, affordable ($20), and memorable."

For more gender reveal party ideas and gifts:

Call us at (769) 390-7485 and we will help you plan the perfect gender reveal party!

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